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Psychological treatment for Military & Police Personnel can be unique given the nature of these occupations/roles.  Depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, relationship stress, sleep disturbance and other difficulties are common:


  • Are you feeling conflict between your core values/beliefs and experiences you had on the front lines?
  • Are you feeling detached from your spouse and children or easily set off by seemingly unimportant things?
  • Are you having disturbing nightmares?
  • Are you feeling depressed, suicidal and anxious/keyed up most of the time?
  • Do you feel disconnected from friends and loved ones as you feel that you can’t relate to them anymore?  Do you feel like they don’t understand you anymore?
  • Are you questioning your purpose, meaning in life?
  • Are you having difficulty readjusting to your regular life when you’re not on active duty?
  • Have you experienced non-combat trauma at any time in your life?


As a registered psychological provider with Blue Cross, Dr. Sands provides services to military, RCMP, and other police members.


Dr. Sands has experience (as a staff psychologist at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre in the past) working with WWII veterans, as well as through her private practice over the years.


Please contact her assistant directly at 905.830.3474 for the initial screening/intake, following which an appointment will be scheduled for you.



Helpful websites, resources & links:


Canadian Forces Member Assistance Program (CFMAP):  1-800-268-7708


Veterans Transition Network


Operational Stress Injury Social Support Program (OSISS):  Peer support network


Veterans Affairs Canada:










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