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Are you thinking of separating from your spouse?

Some helpful information


As a psychologist and family mediator, I work with many clients who are either anticipating or actually going through the separation process.   Although there is less of a social stigma attached to divorce now, compared to even twenty years ago, most separating parents still agonize over the decision, particularly with respect to how that outcome will impact them and their children financially and emotionally.


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Psychological Effects of War on Soldiers and
Their Families


With wars raging in so many parts of the world, Caroline Alexander (correspondent, National Geographic) and Lynn Johnson (photographer, National Geographic) produced a moving dedication to the soldiers, spouses, and their children who suffer the effects of war directly.  There are two parts to their story.


In Part I, you will see artwork (masks), constructed by the soldiers, who performed different roles within the military.  The masks depict themes particular to their experience.   Short videos are shown, discussing the very personal emotional effects of their deployment to the middle east.


These videos provide insight into the challenges faced by soldiers, particularly those deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the experiences of spouses and parents who are also impacted by their loved ones’ psychological and physical injuries.


Post-traumatic stress, brain injuries from blast force, suicide risk, and the lingering (psychological) effects which are often not visible are highlighted.


Part II details the preponderance of brain trauma (and its effects) to soldiers arising from daily exposure to blast force which have affected thousands of military personnel, particularly in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.


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