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Family Mediation and Seperation, services provided by Newmarket Psychologist Dr. Terri Sands.



Separation can be a heart-wrenching experience as you mourn the loss of the family unit and face a new, uncertain future as a single parent. Even if the ending of your marriage is painful, agreeing to make decisions about your children in a cooperative manner where you devise what you believe is best for your children can become a joint activity which you, your former spouse, and your children can be proud of going forward.  Family mediation is a cost-effective, efficient, and rewarding process which can assist you and your partner end a marriage in a manner which minimizes future pain, reduces escalation of conflict, and possibly avoids the adversarial Court process.   As a family mediator, I can assist you to devise a Parenting Plan which addresses both “custody” (i.e., decision-making about health, education, and religion) and “access” issues (i.e., children’s scheduled and holiday time with each parent).  You can then present this draft agreement to your respective lawyers from whom you obtain independent legal advice, followed by legal execution and finalization of the Agreement.


Blending families post-separation can bring its own unique joys and challenges such as what authority should the step-parent have?  How to deal with intrusions from former spouses; who makes the decisions for the family and children?  Establishing and maintaining safety, privacy and respect among all new family members.  Joint (couples) or individual sessions can assist you to address presenting challenges swiftly and more effectively prior to festering of problems over time






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